Current activities (all members & this month’s visitors most welcome):

CARISBROOKE WI are hosting a presentation on “Faberge Style Decorated Eggs” with a mainland speaker (who has made them for the Queen!) on Wednesday 30th October at the Carisbrooke Village Hall at 2.00pm at a cost of £5.pp refreshments included.  Booking essential

CRAFT CLUB  : TUESDAY 12TH November 2pm. Contact Chris B.

SPITHEAD : THURSDAY 7th November – 2.00pm St Peter’s Church Hall, SEAVIEW – QUIZ TIME ! TICKETS £1.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 10th November  BEMBRIDGE: We will be laying a Poppy wreath on behalf of our WI

BOOK CLUB   :  THURSDAY 28th November – 7.30pm THE CLOISTERS Bembridge


CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING WORKSHOP on either 20th or 27th NOVEMBER at a cost of £10 at WI House, Newport. Numbers are restricted so you need to be quick.

FUNDRAISING  CHARITY COFFEE MORNING –  SATURDAY 23rd NOVEMBER 10.00.-12noon  at the VILLAGE HALL.  ALL MONIES RAISED will be for our CHARITY for the year “BEMBRIDGE WINDMILL  SAILS/SWEEPS APPEAL” Thank you to all those of you who have already signed up to help at the event and/or make your famous delicious cakes for both eating at the event with coffee/tea and of course selling on the cake table too.  There will be boards out again at next meeting if you missed the opportunity to sign up Also if you have unwanted books, DVDs or Puzzles we would love them to for our stalls. Our beautiful crafts will be on sale lots of ideas for Christmas

RED BOX PROJECT / BRAS !  WI Federation are going to be still collecting items indefinitely for this worthy cause together with any unwanted Bras too so please keep bringing in your donations.


Our November meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday the 18th November at The Cloisters when it will be our Annual Meeting and our Speaker for the evening will be Rev Dr. Jenny Manners who will be telling us all about the interesting and very quirky formation of the very first WI at Ningwood and Shalfleet here on the island 100 years ago.  Any further information about our group, please email us.

The weather may be turning decidedly chillier now that autumn has really come but Bembridge Windmill WI have enjoyed a busy time full of activities not only with our own group but also from other WI groups and Federation, which will of course keep us even busier over the next few weeks as those memories of Summer fade.

Our September meeting warmly welcomed members and two visitors; it was full of chatter and socialising together after the summer break. Chris took the meeting and outlined the evening’s programme and reminded everyone about several forthcoming activities and our various clubs’ dates and timings. Our clubs, which were up and running and in full swing again, are still proving popular as ever, and members could perhaps dip their toes in and try something new.  Chris also reminded everyone that there were sign-up boards for a theatre visit to watch a performance of the ballet Swan Lake and of course our Birthday Lunch.

Following the business part of the evening, she then introduced the Speaker for the evening – Caroline Linton who was a volunteer and a Dementia Champion. Caroline spoke of a new Social Action Group initiative by the Alzheimer Association which was helping to promote a better understanding for a dementia-friendly society where everyone has a part to play. Her talk was full of information and statistics as she emphasised the five key issues and engaged members well. She instigated lots of good discussion especially when she said that dementia was not actually caused by natural ageing and loss of memory, but was a disease which did not define a person, that there was more to a person and very importantly it was possible to live well with the disease. With the statistics given, especially for the island, it was a talk which, although profound, helped to make everyone feel more aware in their understanding of something that would be very likely to touch absolutely everyone in some way at some time. Members felt that they had definitely learnt a lot more and had a part to play in achieving dementia-friendly awareness. Caroline was then thanked for a very interesting and informative talk.

At our July meeting, we experimented in the art of Cocktail-making!  Jay, from the Olde Village Inn, ably assisted by the lovely Wayne, came armed with what seemed like virtually his whole range of spirits, fruit ingredients, glasses to match, ice and with an individual cocktail shaker for each member!! Jay began the evening with members first learning all about the origins of cocktails.  He explained that a cocktail is defined as any beverage with two or more ingredients, one of which is some kind of alcohol. The theory of the first cocktails was intended as a nod to the fact they helped perk you up. The word cocktail first made its appearance in a British newspaper in 1798, with other suggestions being the French word for eggcup (coquetier) or one odd idea that mixed drinks in Mexico were stirred with a chicken feather, a literal “cock’s tail”. He then quoted a few fun facts about Martinis ; Tom Collins, the American Prohibition and the secret popularity of cocktails or as they were called Speakeasies. Apparently, the most expensive cocktail in the world can be found in Tokyo which is thought to be the “Diamond is Forever” served at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo at a staggering US$ 22,600 – it comes with a single one-carat diamond in it and of course, as an extra treat, the restaurant will play “Diamonds are Forever” when they bring it out. Obviously care has to be taken so as not to swallow it of course!!  It is thought only two have ever been sold.  Members watched Jay demonstrating the making of the first of two cocktails. Then, with much concentration (well for the first cocktail maybe – not so much for the second after drinking the first!!) and lots of laughter ringing out, members attempted to make their own individual ones. Everyone agreed that this was definitely an evening to be remembered with Jay being thanked for making it a truly great one in our calendar.

Members then were able to hear what activities were available to them to enjoy during the ensuing Summer break with our own Kurling, Book and Walking Boots Clubs having meetings during the month of August and the various Federation and other WIs events taking place together with of course the Island’s own annual summer activities too.

Following the business side of the meeting members then enjoyed the tasty buffet laid on for them which led to lots more amiable chatter and definitely (thanks to those cocktails) lots more fun and laughter leading to a lovely summer break.

At our June meeting, we gave a donation to Age UK IoW and received a thank you note:Age UK mark

On behalf of Age UK Isle of Wight, may I extend our warmest gratitude to you for amazing donation of £250.00 for our Good Neighbour Scheme You are enabling us to continue to positively change older islander’s lives, thank you.”

Thirty-two of our members enjoyed an excellent lunch outing at The Propeller Inn. Super food and as always great service, this combined with lots of chatter too of course, doing  what the WI do best, friendly happy socialising – a great afternoon.  Another outing, this time a delicious Cream Tea at The Hungry Bear is booked which probably means we will definitely need to get those walking boots out for our next “Walking Boots” Club outing too!!  Members were also looking forward in June to the County Show when the Household Cavalry will be attending and Federation WI will be catering and looking after them.

Our monthly Clubs are as popular as ever with lots on offer for members to “dip their toes in” to try something new or to do just what they like doing. There are so many lovely activities also from Federation, and other WIs, including a Singing Workshop with a member of the New Seekers,  Summer Fetes, Ambles & Rambles to name just a few. It seems our members are spoilt for choice now that the better weather and Summer has arrived.

Our May meeting saw members relaxing in the true sense of the word, when Ann Osbourn demonstrated Meditation, Relaxation and  Mindfulness techniques with members soon finding themselves “drifting” and learning the techniques on how to take away any stress in a peaceful calm relaxed way (probably the first time at a meeting you could hear a pin drop too!!) . Most enjoyable and proving to be a great hit with our members.