Topical Talk Group: WI campaigns for this year’s resolutions

Topical Talk   –  National WI Campaigns for this Years Resolutions

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Present : J Ch, J Su, S Pi, L Ba, J Co and W Ca.

Matters Arising from last meeting.

  • J Ch had emailed Wight Bid with no response. After more research she now feels that this is not going to be a useful contact as it is mostly dealing with businesses and paying for marketing.
  • J Ch has had no luck making contact with anyone from Public Affairs at WI House. She will keep trying.
  • W Ca had emailed Fight for the Wight with no response. She will try to contact by phone.
  • J Ch has been researching Parks Link and S Pi has been researching Changing Places , both may be useful links with regards to promoting better toilet provision on the IOW.
  • This evening’s Parish Council meeting has an agenda item concerning the selling of the building that houses the village public toilets.

Campaign Against Food Waste

This basically involves 2 surveys, one for individual members to complete and another to be conducted within a local supermarket. The individual one takes about 15 minutes and can be completed online or as a paper copy. J Ch to circulate all information to our membership.

The supermarket questionnaire covered promotions and packaging of fruit, veg, meat, fish, eggs and diary  as well as the ‘once opened’ information on tins, jars etc. J Ch and W Ca were considered suitable to be let loose in Tesco and agreed to go on Wednesday 19th.

Hospital Care for People With Dementia

This is information is in a glossy booklet format called Carers Welcome, containing a great deal of information and statistics, a Carers Welcome sign for display on hospital wards and a knitting pattern for sensory bands.

The booklet promoted a discussion similar to the original resolution. We still had reservations about this resolution and felt that some of the survey data is being used inappropriately.

  • One suggested action was join the John’s Campaign Letter lobby. W Ca had emailed for the template but had not had a reply.
  • W Ca will pass the sensory band pattern to J C-H for the consideration of craft club with the recommendation that the hospital be asked if they were wanted before any work was undertaken. We had concerns about the issue of hygiene.

 The next meeting will be at S Pi’s at 3pm on 6th Dec.

Newsletter Dec 2016



December 2016

It was good to see so many of you at our Annual Meeting when the weather was so awful. Wasn’t the WI Advisor Sylvia lovely? She had come from East Cowes to join us for the meeting.

Yesterday we held our first committee meeting of the new WI year.  We discussed who would be doing what and below is a table with our roles and responsibilities. This year we have appointed 2 Vice-Presidents, (I need keeping in order), Chris B and Carol , our secretary is Sally and treasurer is Juliette.

We couldn’t let Di off her raffle duties and Linda O will be our membership secretary.

Two  groups will continue to operate the same with Brenda and Pam doing Book Club, Juliette and Wanda Topical Talk but Craft will now come under Joy and Chris B.

There may be some slight changes in January and we will keep all members up to date with these changes.

Book Club  – Will meet tomorrow evening Thursday 1st December at The Cloisters at 7.30pm all are welcome.

Topical Talk and Craft – No meetings until the New Year.  Dates will be sent out as soon as confirmed.

Invitation to all members for Friday 9th December – Joy has kindly invited us to attend the opening of the new accessible kitchen at the Riverside Centre between 11am and 1pm.  I will be going along and if any of you would like a lift please contact me and I will gladly take you.

IW Federation Christmas Fair – Friday 9th December 10am – 2pm at the Methodist Church, Quay Street, Newport.  Further details from Federation Office on 524716

Spithead Carol Service –  This is taking place at St John’s Church, Appley on Sunday 11th December at 2pm.  Carol will be doing a reading and there will be tea and mince pies afterwards.

Christmas Lunch – Wednesday 14th December at the Village Inn 12 for 12.30.  If you haven’t get signed up it is not too late but you haven’t got long.  Contact Sally. Jay and his team always make us very welcome.

OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY – REMEMBER THIS IS THE 2ND MONDAY THIS MONTH – 12TH DECEMBER.  As is usual we are asking members to bring along a plate of either savoury or sweet FINGER food as part of the celebration.  If there is any food left at the end of the evening we would be grateful if you would take it home with you.  Alongside this if you have any prizes suitable for our BIG CHRISTMAS RAFFLE we would be grateful for them.  This year we would like raffle prizes wrapped when handing them in but if you would tell Di what is in the parcel, it would help make the raffle a bit more exciting.

We hope that you will enjoy the entertainment we are planning for you, we are aiming for a fun but relaxed evening.

Christmas Cards – For those members who would prefer to make a donation to charity rather than send cards to members this year we will have a large card available for you to sign at the Christmas Party and a box for a donation.  Donations  will then be passed to the Hospice.

Breakfast at the Bakery – Monday 9th January 9.30am.  Sign up sheet at the next meeting.  I will also contact you all again nearer the time.

Resolutions for 2017 – These can be found in November’s WI Life.  The voting slip is also there and must be returned to WI House by 24th January 2017.  Late submissions will not be included.

The Cloisters – In line with the vote taken at the Annual Meeting all future meetings will be taking place at The Cloisters.

Foodbank –  Thank you to all of those that supported the Foodbank with Christmas goodies and food and thank you to Juliette and Joy for their help with this project.

Cause for 2017 – For those of you that were not at the meeting our fundraising next year will support Admiral Nurses for the Isle of Wight.

We look forward to seeing you all at our Christmas Meeting but if you are unable to attend the Committee send you Good Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Topical Talk: Follow-Up Discussion of Toilets on Isle Of Wight

Topical Talk  – Follow-Up Discussion of Toilets on Isle Of Wight

Tuesday 6th September 2016    –   3 – 5 pm

We began the meeting with an update on microbeads.

  • Waitrose has announced that they are going to stop sales of any products containing microbeads.
  • The Government is going to ban the use of microbeads in beauty products but not in cleaning products etc.
  • JCh reminded us that even biodegradable plastics will still reduce down to microbeads. We need to continue to discuss ways to avoid using any plastics especially single use items.


We considered the possibility of submitting a resolution to NFWI. Sally had produced an excellent draft. This needed to be decided quickly as the deadline was 14th September. After debating whether we wanted to focus on local or national issues we realised that it need not be an either or situation. However we decided not to submit a resolution at this late stage but were quite buoyed up by the prospect of doing so in the future.

On the IOW 80% of the public toilets are now the responsibility of the Parish Councils and local precepts have risen, however, we are still concerned about the lack of facilities in local tourist areas especially at St Helen’s Beach and also at the RNLI station, where only one is in use and were not compliant with planning regulations when built. This is in contrast to our recent experiences in tourist spots on the mainland especially the exemplary examples photographed by JCo at Woolacombe Bay.

We believe that there has got to be an Island-wide strategic plan to promote the tourism and that this must include the provision of good quality public toilets.

Our strategic plan is …

  • To contact all Island WIs asking for information about the toilets in their area. Where are they? When are they open? Is information about opening given? Is there advice about where to go if closed? Should more be provided? Are they up to standard – Would you be happy to use them?
  • To propose to the committee that Alan Marriot from Fight for the Wight be invited to speak at one of our meetings. ( action – GR)
  • Continue fact finding by contacting Destination Island to see if they are including toilet provision in their campaigns and also contact WI Island Federation Public Affairs Committee (who knew there was one?) for advice. (action – JCh)
  • Research the work of the British Toilet Association. (action – whole group).

 Date of the next meeting –   Tuesday 18th October 3-5 pm at JCh’s

Topics for Discussion: Involvement in the current WI resolutions (1) Food Waste and (2) Dementia Care in Hospitals. Packs are to be sent to each WI with information on how to support the campaigns.

Issues that may also be of interest are …the possible changes to the funding of Attendance Allowance and  information on Doctors’ Funding.

A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg – Nov 2016

Our “Christmas” meeting held on Thursday 1st December was well attended with 18 members (perhaps the promise of foodie nibbles and wine may have been a bit of a draw of course?).

Brenda commenced proceedings by welcoming everyone and our new member Brenda L. to the meeting and then reading out the apologies from those few unable to be with us for the evening.  She then asked everyone in turn for their  comments on the book and it quickly became very apparent that absolutely everyone enjoyed this book immensely.  The positive comments were echoed around the room and kept coming with members “running out” of different “nice” expressions to describe their feelings that had not already been mentioned by others before them  – here are just a few :-

Engaging ; easy read; flowing ; naive; happy; lovely; innocent, fairytale; magical; sang out; enjoyable; delicious……………

All agreed that the storyline although wonderfully predictable, was a delightful one with everyone saying that they wanted to keep reading on to know what was going to happen next. A quick and easy read, with even our lovely Jeanie saying how much she enjoyed it (Yes she actually read this one!!!) Members also felt that the settings were good and evocative of the deep South with it being quite easy to get used to the “Americanisms” of the text. All wished that life could be just like that as described in the book with everything that is happening and going on in the World today.

Nearly everyone had felt quite emotional when Jack died with some  even shedding a tear or two (well quite a few of us actually !!) Everyone loved Oswald as their favourite character (well maybe apart from Jack of course!) with Mildred being described as feisty and with members quite loving the Community of Lost River generally. It was also thought that the storyline was believable for the period in which we thought it was set – although it was fairly difficult to put an exact date era on it, as the only specified date actually mentioned in the book, was when the original hotel burned down in 1911 !?  After a discussion most were happy to imagine that the book was possibly set around the 1950/1960s.

So in summing up A storyteller book where snippets fell out of the pages of a naive and innocent predictable but totally delightful and enjoyable short story with a lovely happy ending (one perhaps that could be found in a copy of  “Woman’s Weekly” maybe!) A delicious fairytale just perfect as a Christmas read and absolutely totally loved by us all.

Newsletter Nov 16



November 2016

Autumn is well and truly here, one of my favourite times of year but how frightening to realise Christmas is looming.

We will be holding our Annual Meeting on November the 21st and this will be followed by a fun activity.

During the meeting we will be taking a vote on returning to The Cloisters in 2017.  Many members have said that they prefer The Cloisters and with the uncertainty of the Village Hall and its future use the time seemed right for members to formally decide where our meetings take place in the future. The Cloisters can accommodate 55 people in the large room.

We will also be asking you to choose who should receive a donation from our fundraising next year and at the bottom of the Newsletter you will see the nominations and a small resume on each of the causes.

Pam will be collecting the green bottle tops, Janet will be collecting our bras and we will also be collecting your Festive Food donations for the Food Bank.

Diary Dates

Thursday 24 November              2pm Craft Club, The Cloisters

Wednesday 30 November           Liz Earle 6pm – Contact Sally

Thursday 1 December                 Book Club, The Cloisters 7.30pm. All welcome – see below

Tuesday 6 December                  Topical Talk, 3pm Dementia Friendly Villages

Friday 9 December                      IW Federation Christmas Fair 10am – 2pm Methodist Church, Quay Street, Newport

Friday 9 December                          Invitation to the opening of Accessible Kitchen 11am – 1pm at Riverside from Headway who were our fundraising cause for 2015.

Sunday 11 December                     Carol Service 2pm Appley Church

Monday 12 December                   Christmas Meeting 7.30pm  Village Hall

Wednesday 14 December            Christmas Lunch Village Inn

Monday 9 January                        New Year Breakfast, The Bakery.

Book Club – The group are reading The Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg.  Those that have already read the book are enthusing over it and saying what a wonderful novel.  If you are interested in coming along to the group please contact either Brenda or Pam.

Eleven Members recently enjoyed breakfast at The Bakery   We must congratulate Chris B who was desperate for a Full English but settled on a delicious bacon sandwich after being told that one of the members did not like the smell of eggs.  The restrain she showed was truly admirable. The next breakfast is in January.

WI IW Christmas Fair is taking place on Friday 9 December at the Methodist Church, Quay Street, Newport from 10am to 2pm.  If you would like further details contact Federation Office on 524716.  The committee hope that you will support the Fair.

Invitation from Headway – Many of you will remember that in 2015 we raised funds for Headway.  I am pleased to be able to tell you that they put our donation towards an accessible kitchen.  We have been invited to the opening of the kitchen on Friday 9 December at the Riverside Centre from 11am to 1pm.  There will be a sign-up sheet at the meeting for those of you wishing to attend.

Bembridge Christmas Concert – Wednesday 7th December at 7.30pm in Holy Trinity Church. There will be music from Benjamin Britten and a Festival of Carols.  A retiring collection will be taken.

November Annual Meeting – Our November meeting will take place on the 21st in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.  This year we are welcoming Sylvia Williams to oversee the meeting.  Following the formal proceedings a fun activity will take place.

December Meeting – 12th December. Our Christmas meetings are something of a legend and this year will be no exception.  For some time members have been asking to attend Ascot Ladies Day but we have not been able to secure tickets.  A little call to Father Christmas however sorted out the problem and Ascot has agreed to come to us.  So please do us proud, hats, fascinators and pretty dresses would be appreciated. We will also have our snatch raffle. As is usual we would appreciate members bringing a plate of finger food, either sweet or savoury.  If, (which will be very unlikely), there is any food left at the end of the evening can you please take home what you have brought.  Mulled wine and other drinks will be supplied.

Denman Bursaries – We now have details of the Bursaries for next year.  The letter will be at the next meeting and we will also scan the details and forward to members shortly.

Seven nominations have been received from members for our cause for 2017.  They are Young Carers IW, The Food Bank, Denman College, Ability Dogs for Young People IW, The Hospice, Jigsaw Family Support, Isle of WIght and Admiral Nurses Isle of Wight. A short resume follows to help you select the cause at the Annual Meeting:

Admiral Nurses IW (Dementia Care) –    The Island’s Admiral Nurses will work with the family to ensure that they are better able to understand and cope with the changes that can occur with dementia, by giving them the knowledge to understand the condition and its effects, and the skills to improve communication and behaviours. This collaborative working enables the family to stay together for as long as possible. Funding is solely from donations made by people living on the Island and all funding stays on the Island.

The Isle of Wight Young Carers team is about giving Young Carers: The option of meeting others in a similar situation . Someone to listen if you want to talk. Advice and support. Support at school. A break from caring responsibilities. 1:1 support and befriending. Respite activities. Having fun!

Denman College. The WI College who are desperate for funds.

Food Bank, Isle of Wight.  Helping support families in need of food and other basic products.

Ability Dogs 4 Young People is an Isle of Wight charity (started April 2012), training assistance dogs to enhance the independence of disabled young people and children living on the Isle of Wight. We are training Ability Dogs to help with physical and mental disabilities, including cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy. We are unique; we are the only assistance dog charity providing Ability Dogs for disabled young people and children on the Isle of Wight.

As well as helping with practical tasks (picking up items, opening doors, helping dress and undress, crossing the road), our trained Ability Dogs help increase disabled young people’s well-being, confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to go on to further education or gain employment without needing full-time carers. Having a jacketed Ability Dog by their side means that more people feel able to come and talk to them, thereby increasing their general social interaction.

Jigsaw Family Support, Isle of WIght. This is a community based, child-focused organisation that works with everyone affected by family separation. It is a charity, dependant on donations and grants.  The team are all volunteers and included committed local professionals with experience in mental health, family counselling, mediation, family law and psychotherapy.

They offer support in relationship breakdown and divorce.  Supporting children through separation and helping the children to have a healthy and stable relationship with both parents. They also offer support in court situations. (There is no longer legal aid available so Jigsaw is making a huge difference).

Earl Mountbatten Hospice – Our only hospice on the Island needing to raise £ 5 million a year.  They offer end of life care, respite care and support to families in a caring and loving environment. With a steadily growing older population the need for hospice services continues to grow.

“GOLD” by Chris Cleave – Oct 2016

Thirteen members were present at this month’s meeting with apologies received from several members unable to attend together with their comments on the book to be added to the discussion pot.

We opened the meeting by asking members what they felt about the book and it was quite a mixed reaction although on the whole most found the book a fairly easy read, and well-written and researched with some even mentioning that for the author to be male surprised them to some extent as the writing style captured the emotions and vulnerability of certain characters so well.

Several members said that it took a while to get into and a few felt irritated and even miffed with the general feel of the novel and the credibility of some of the characters, especially the relationship and dynamics between the two main characters Zoe and Kate. Most of the members present found this unrealistic and could not understand how they remained friends throughout.

Feelings were fairly split on the “nitty gritty” details of the sport with some finding it a little boring to read these details feeling they were sometimes in a bit of a sport bubble and wanted to get on with the story, and others saying how much they enjoyed getting swept up in the competitiveness of the tactics of the sport, more so as having got “hooked”, they could relate more to everything cycling in the Velodrome after watching the “real” Olympics on television and in 2012 in London itself.  Most also agreed the author’s research was very professional.

The storyline of Sophie – the sick child – everyone felt was quite realistic in its writing but again several members did not enjoy the “Star Wars” references set in Sophie’s fantasy world of thoughts but others argued that they felt this was how an eight year old dealt with a  long term illness – her way of not wanting to see her parents upset and in a way protecting them.  Some thought she would not actually survive.

No one saw the revelation coming of Zoe being her birth mother and again an interesting and in depth discussion followed about this and Zoe’s reaction to the death of her own brother and the effects and difficulty posed in getting close to anyone, as well as her vulnerability and need of protection and feeling she had to have accolades – gold medals – as she felt there was not enough in her own life.  Everyone also thought that she was going to admit to being Sophie’s mother too.

Most liked characters were Kate (although a little too good to be true at times!) and Jack (driven and competitive). Zoe was the most disliked character but most could see why and the funniest moment was the bathroom scene with Kate and Zoe’s trainer Tom – although a little like the Comedy/Tragedy Mask –  being poignant in the face of adversity but comedic in its portrayal.

The ending was felt by most to be shallow and very disappointing and extremely unbelievable set just three years later, and to quote one of our members “when the child survives the ordeal, she is stuck on a bike to try and win a medal, a clone of her family, a pawn for them to play with, to win more golds”.

In summing up, reactions to this novel proved to be fairly split  with some members present agreeing that it was a well researched, easy read and enjoyable book and with others saying not as enjoyable for them, so in this instance “all that glitters is not always “GOLD” perhaps!!”


Closure of Public Toilets on the Island

Topical Talk Group: Closure of Public Toilets on the IOW

Tuesday 12th July 2016 – 3-5pm

Today’s topic for discussion had been proposed by Joan with specific reference to the closure of the toilet facilities next to Baywatch Café at St Helen’s. These particular toilets have just been reopened, presumably for the summer, but no information has been given about this.

We heard a comprehensive brief history of the IOW Council shedding the responsibility of public toilets. This began in 2010 as part of the IWC’s spending Review and following flawed consultation and an invalid survey of footfall. Greater cuts have been imposed upon Councils since causing them to make swinging cuts of the non-statutory services, which include toilets. Some toilets have been saved because they have been taken over by the Town and Parish Councils which have the ability to raise the precepts if necessary. She also informed us that previously it was considered advantageous for a holiday destination to have toilets to be proud of and so ‘Super Loos’ had been built at Freshwater, Yaverland, Ventnor and Brading (now closed) – How times change!

Amongst a great deal of laughter caused by lavatorial jokes and anecdotes we all agreed that this is a very serious issue for the IOW as all toilets pay a vital part in the image of our tourist industry. Surely, it is unacceptable for us to be seen to be going backwards with our commitment to public health.

We felt that as this was a local issue it is something that we should expand and pursue further by inviting other WIs to become involved.


  • G to inform Federation of our discussion and our concerns for the economy of the island and the welfare of the visitors. To discuss our wish to invite the involvement of other WIs.
  • To include a report of this Topical Talk meeting in our WI report to The County Press
  • To have a follow-up meeting on the same subject.

Things to consider in the meantime:

  • Should we approach Fight for The Wight?
  • Can we find out if grants/funds are available? … Community Action, Tourist Board, Who is the person appointed using the ASDA money to raise funds?
  • Possible funding options … Businesses to pay to support local facilities, direct payment to attendant or entry fee, advertising on/within the buildings, funding direct from Westminster for special cases (arrange a meeting with the MP)?
  • Campaign strategies (shock tactics) – e.g. Human poo bags. Bucket ‘n spade holiday – dig your own latrine! ‘Holidaying on the IOW – have you packed your Travel Johns?’

A huge thank you to J for her hospitality. We enjoyed it so much that the next meeting will be held at her house again.

Next Meeting:     Tuesday 23rd August       3-5pm

Newsletter Oct 16

WI Committee:
Gill Rogers, Sarah Atkins, Sally Pizey, Juliette Chan, Di Hawes, Chris D’Arcy, Carol Crawford, Chris Bottriell

Newsletter – October 2016

Autumn is now well and truly with us and what some beautiful sunrises we have been having.  Let’s hope that Winter is not in too much of a hurry to join us.

Talking about joining us, how lovely it was to have 10 visitors at our September meeting and thank you to all the members who made them so welcome.

A huge thanks must go to Carol for arranging Whitgar as our entertainment.  Feedback has been that members enjoyed the evening immensely and for those of you that haven’t seen it there is a video on our Facebook page Bembridge Windmill WI of members taking part in the Morris Dancing.

This month’s speaker on Monday 17th October will be Mark Earp.

Pam will be collecting the green bottle tops again so please don’t forget to bring them along.

We will also be collecting bra’s for Romania.  These will be going to ladies who are in hospitals or homes to make them feel a little more comfortable.

Alongside both of the above initiatives we are collecting festive food which we can send to the food bank to help make those less fortunate than ourselves a little happier at Christmas.

At our committee meeting yesterday, it was agreed that if we cannot get 6 people to attend outings and events we organise then we will not go ahead with them.  It is disappointing but I am sure you can understand the time and effort it takes to arrange things we need to have a minimum number to make outings viable.

Diary Dates

  • Friday  7 October                   Spithead Quiz, Lake Lions Hall 7pm
  • Tuesday 18 October               Topical Talk, 5 Maritime Mews 3pm
  • Friday 21 October                   10th Birthday Lunch – Foxs 12.30
  • Wednesday 26 October         Craft Group 2pm, The Cloisters
  • Monday 31 October                Breakfast at the Bakery 9.30am
  • November 3                           Book Club, Cloisters 7.30pm
  • November 9                           Visit to Liz Earle 6pm. Friends welcome.
  • November 30                         Craft Group 2pm, The Cloisters
  • November 30                         Visit to Liz Earle 6pm. Friends welcome
  • December 1                            Book Club, Cloisters 7.30pm
  • Sunday 12 December                        Carol Service 2pm Appley Church
  • Wednesday 14 December     Christmas Lunch Village Inn

10th Birthday Lunch – There is no cost to members for the lunch, however visitors will be charged full cost of £11.95 (still very reasonable).  If members who have booked are unable to make the lunch please can they let me know asap so I can adjust the numbers with Nicola.  I hope you will understand that if you have booked and we are unable to cancel your booking you will be charged for the meal. Everyone will be responsible for their own drinks.

Craft Group – We are working on a quilt to be raffled at a later date.  This is the brainchild of Joy.  All members and visitors who have attended WI meetings are welcome to attend.

Book Club – The current book being read is Gold.  The book club is always a lively and friendly group with lots of laughter and banter. All members and visitors who have attended WI meetings are welcome to attend.

Topical Talk –          The next meeting will be discussing our involvement in the current WI resolutions (1) Food Waste and (2) Dementia Care in Hospitals. Issues that may also be of interest are  the possible changes to the funding of Attendance Allowance and  information on Doctors’ Funding.

Spithead Quiz –  We are looking for members to take part in this event on Friday 7 February.  Teams of 2,4 or 6 can enter.  Tickets are £1 per person and it would be lovely to support the area group.

If you would like to go you are still not too late.  Just turn up between 6 and 7pm at the Lions Club in Lake which is behind the parade of shops.  More details from Carol.

Liz Earle Visit – We now have two evenings (9 and 30 November) booked.The event is from 6 to 8pm and is free.  Canapés and Prosecco will be served and demonstrations given.  There is a free raffle and other incentives.  If you would like to attend please let Sally know.  You are welcome to bring friends to the event with you.

Bakery Breakfast – 31 October at 9.30am.  Again if you have signed up and have to drop out please let us know.

Annual Meeting – The Annual meeting is in November.  Nomination forms for committee will be at the October Meeting and we hope that many of you will consider putting your names forward.  New members on the committee with new ideas are what will keep our WI vibrant so please consider joining the committee.  No experience needed!

As we have voted that we will allow proxy votes this year we would like all nominations in at the end of the October meeting but nominations will close completely on the 31st October.  This will give us time to arrange teller’s and prepare ballot papers and proxy forms.

All proxy votes must be given to the Secretary before the start of the Annual Meeting in a sealed envelope and must be signed.  Our WI Advisor will open the votes.

Charity of the Year – We are now considering who will be our Charity for the year in 2017.  Nomination forms will be available at the next meeting with the final decision being made by you, the members, at the Annual Meeting.  Please think who you would like to support.

Your charity nomination should not be one that supports animals or individuals.   Please ensure the form is signed and that your choice of charity is compliant.

Last month we received two nominations that were not signed so we were unaware of whether these nominations were from visitors or members. Please ensure that you do not propose local businesses as these do not meet the criteria of charities.

Your details – At the next meeting you will be given slips with the details we hold about you.  These details are your name, address, phone number, date of your birthday and e-mail.  We would also like with your agreement contact details of someone we can contact in case of emergency.  Alongside this will be a question as to whether you are happy for us to share your e-mail address/and or phone number with members.  This is for Bembridge WI members only and these details will not be given to third parties.  If you are unhappy sharing your details with other members please say so on the form.

During November we are having to update the Federation records as they are doing an audit and need to check your current information is correct.  We will as a matter of course be saying that your details are not to be given to third parties by National or the Federation.

Invitation to the Field of Remembrance Service – 10th November, Carisbrooke Castle –  If any of you would like to attend this event it is on Thursday 10 November at Carisbooke Castle at 10.45am.

Diaries 2017 – These are now to hand.  8 members ordered diaries so can they please bring along their £4.50 to the next meeting.  We have 2 diaries spare so if any of you would like to purchase one of these it will be first come, first served.

Coming Soon – Our new website.  Juliette is working on our new website and as soon as we are up and running you will be the first to know.  Many thanks to Juliette for taking on arranging this.

On a personal note – We held our last committee meeting last night before the Annual meeting in November.  What a year!  Can I thank all those members of the committee who have supported and helped me through the year, you are amazing ladies.  Also thanks to the members that were always there and offered encouraging words, advice and friendship.

Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer – Sep 2016

Ten members were able to attend this month’s meeting held at The Cloisters in Bembridge on Thursday 22nd September, with apologies received from others unable to attend at this busy time of year together with their thoughts and views of the book.

Well….Brenda started the meeting by asking who liked this book – the views were a little mixed, with most definitely not liking or indeed enjoying it. Several members said that as far as an easy read went this took top marks… although so very disappointing in every other aspect, one describing it as a “Jeremy Kyle” sort of book – lots of airing of dirty washing !!!

Most said how they thought it was quite a boring book inasmuch as it was extremely repetitive, with each character repeating the same information in their own storyline as was mentioned previously by another character – absolutely totally unnecessary in such a lazy, unbelievable and very predictive text. One member did say that it was an ideal holiday read; very undemanding. And two or three of those not attending sending in their views actually saying they quite liked it.

All the characters seemed to have been fitted in – similar to slotting a jigsaw together – totally unbelievable and disappointing. Some members even got quite cross and annoyed with the characters, feeling that there were no “real characters as real people” Harry was the only one quite liked character on the whole, and we all liked Wanda’s take on the whole new meaning of the word for him “MARVELLOUS” !!

It started fairly well but then did not add up at all, leaving some with the feeling that the whole story was wrong and just did not match up at all. It was felt by those present that it was written in such a way that the author showed a distinct lack of respect to his readers by appearing to write this as a “fluffed up” story around his notes, which did not work or come together at all. It really finished as a synopsis rather than a full blown story, and everyone felt as though the story was added after to the notes BUT cleverly (or not!) leaving a “cliff hanger” ending, which of course was just about leading to the second book in the Trilogy.

So to summarise …… Having agreed that this was not what most members were expecting, some even having a few “qualms” about reading this author in the first instance, we can summarise : –

1) Storyline :
a. Not challenging
b. totally unbelievable
c. ridiculous storylines
d. unnecessarily repetitive

BUT an easy read!

2) Literary Style – NONE