Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer – Sep 2016

Ten members were able to attend this month’s meeting held at The Cloisters in Bembridge on Thursday 22nd September, with apologies received from others unable to attend at this busy time of year together with their thoughts and views of the book.

Well….Brenda started the meeting by asking who liked this book – the views were a little mixed, with most definitely not liking or indeed enjoying it. Several members said that as far as an easy read went this took top marks… although so very disappointing in every other aspect, one describing it as a “Jeremy Kyle” sort of book – lots of airing of dirty washing !!!

Most said how they thought it was quite a boring book inasmuch as it was extremely repetitive, with each character repeating the same information in their own storyline as was mentioned previously by another character – absolutely totally unnecessary in such a lazy, unbelievable and very predictive text. One member did say that it was an ideal holiday read; very undemanding. And two or three of those not attending sending in their views actually saying they quite liked it.

All the characters seemed to have been fitted in – similar to slotting a jigsaw together – totally unbelievable and disappointing. Some members even got quite cross and annoyed with the characters, feeling that there were no “real characters as real people” Harry was the only one quite liked character on the whole, and we all liked Wanda’s take on the whole new meaning of the word for him “MARVELLOUS” !!

It started fairly well but then did not add up at all, leaving some with the feeling that the whole story was wrong and just did not match up at all. It was felt by those present that it was written in such a way that the author showed a distinct lack of respect to his readers by appearing to write this as a “fluffed up” story around his notes, which did not work or come together at all. It really finished as a synopsis rather than a full blown story, and everyone felt as though the story was added after to the notes BUT cleverly (or not!) leaving a “cliff hanger” ending, which of course was just about leading to the second book in the Trilogy.

So to summarise …… Having agreed that this was not what most members were expecting, some even having a few “qualms” about reading this author in the first instance, we can summarise : –

1) Storyline :
a. Not challenging
b. totally unbelievable
c. ridiculous storylines
d. unnecessarily repetitive

BUT an easy read!

2) Literary Style – NONE